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Hi there,

My name is Dima Watermelon and I love to make people laugh. My comedic style is a mix of absurdity, social commentary and some allegedly inappropriate jokes. Self-proclaimed inventor of mumble comedy. And yes, Watermelon is indeed my real surname, simply translated into English.

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How did I end up like this

Being naturally funny, Dima, only discovered his comedic appeal when he moved to study in Finland in 2013. He explored comedy by pranking university friends.

After spending two winters in Finland Dima started feeling a bit homesick, but not homesick enough to go all the way back to Ukraine. Berlin seemed like the perfect compromise, particularly East Berlin, which has been Dima's new home since 2015.

Within just a few years, Dima established himself as a regular comedian in the Berlin stand-up scene. Over the course of his extensive career, Dima has performed in more than twenty countries, including renowned locations like the Gotham Comedy Club in New York, known for launching the careers of many famous comedians, the Comedy Store London, a hub of British humor, and the globally celebrated Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Stewart Lee, one of the UK's top comedians, caught Dima’s stand-up at the festival and lauded his comedic style as “deadpan absurdity.”

Currently, Dima produces regular hit comedy shows in Berlin and tours around Europe with his first comedy hour "Culturally Inappropriate aka Ukrainian Dream".

Living in three different countries and visiting over forty, Dima is no longer simply Ukrainian, but not quite European either. Stuck in this absurd cultural limbo, he finds laughter is his best coping mechanism.


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